Press Release

Ocean Explorer Afloat

September 14, 2023

On Thursday early morning the OCEAN EXPLORER was successfully pulled of the grounding in the East Greenland Fjord. This was done based on a pull from the vessel TARAJOQ and the vessel’s own power. There have not been any injuries to any person onboard, no pollution of the environment and no breach of the hull.

We would like to thank the management of Grønlands Naturinstitut, and the entire crew on their vessel TARAJOQ for being open and willing to enter into an agreement with SunStone for the support of the OCEAN EXPLORER. The agreement was made very efficiently, and the TARAJOQ was on location within two days of the grounding.

We do also like to thank other Expedition Cruise vessels in the vicinity, from QUARK Expedition, Silver Sea and Hurtigruten, who all reached out and offered their assistance, which however, was not needed.

SunStone had also arranged additional tug assistance in case it was needed, however, this has now been cancelled.

We would like to thank our charterer Aurora Expeditions as well as all their passengers for an excellent cooperation in this unexpected and difficult circumstance.

We would also like to thank our technical manager of the vessel, Anglo Eastern Cruise Management, Miami who has worked 24/7 in getting this grounding resolved successfully, without any harm to persons onboard or the environment.

The vessel and its passengers will now be positioned to a port where the vessel’s bottom damages can be assessed, and the passengers will be taken to a port from which they can be flown back home.