SunStone Ships, Inc.

Knowing the right way to navigate has been essential to maritime activities since mankind’s earliest days on the sea. In the days of the Vikings, it was the ancient sun stone that provided this ultimate guidance and insight for waters across the globe. When placed in a direct line with the presence of sunlight, the stone would glow brightly. Even on an overcast day with the sun visually obscured by clouds, rain, or snow, the stone would light up when pointed in the direction of the sun, identifying a ship’s course.

Today, with decades of expertise and hands-on experience, SunStone Ships offers guidance for fleet & vessel owners as well as other stakeholders. SunStone specializes in commercial management of passenger ships and is responsible for the buying, selling and chartering of its managed fleet. Because the needs of the passenger ship industry are always changing, it is reassuring to know you have a rock-solid partner on your side.